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I loved these stories. They are vintage Sotiropoulos:
electric, vivid, sensual, surprising.
—Lynn Freed

The stories in Landscape with Dog are pure electric,
with the passion, energized wit, and inevitability
of the lyric poem. Like lines from a favorite,
they stay with the reader year after year.
—Paul Vangelisti







landscape Landscape with Dog
and Other Stories

by Ersi Sotiropoulos

translated from the Greek by Karen Emmerich

“Let’s just say that Giacometti was setting out to draw a face. If he started with the chin, he would worry that he might never reach the nose. The longer he sketched the face, the harder he tried to offer a faithful representation of it, the more it resembled a skull. The only thing left was the gaze. So what he ended up drawing was a skull with a gaze.

Landscape with Dog and Other Stories is made up of countless such moments: transformations of the everyday, encounters between the known and the unknowable. Contemporary Athens wavers before us; the outlines of a sketch darken and blur; the face of a friend is at once beloved and strange. In Ersi Sotiropoulos’s prose, the slightest event, the slightest change in the quality of the light, can alter everything. Karen Emmerich brings perfectly into English the precise, vibrant movement of Sotiropoulos’s language, the mastery that has made her one of Greece’s most acclaimed writers. These stories will be praised for their flashes of beauty and their crackles of dark humor, but what makes them so memorable is something else, impossible to pin down, something like the gaze of the skull. At once familiar and troubling, compelling and unapproachable, Sotiropoulos’s stories give us a new way of seeing.

ISBN: 9781566567732 • $15 paperback • November 2009



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