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Hilary Plum


Hilary is the author of They Dragged Them Through the Streets (FC2, 2013). Some other places you can find her:

• Serving as book review editor at the Kenyon Review

• Co-editing, with Zach Savich, Rescue Press’s Open Prose Series

• Writing about our books

Field Guides to Elsewhere: How We Read Languages We Don’t Read

Just Enough Space to Devastate: The Writing of Ersi Sotiropoulos

Touch: Why this book should win the BTBA

• Writing essays, criticism, etc. elsewhere

Meeting the Body in the Body of Language: Notes on Character

The Newspaper and the Novel

Whisk in the Mouth: Filip Marinovich’s And If You Don’t Go Crazy I’ll Meet You Here Tomorrow

Point and Line: Joseph Cardinale’s The Size of the Universe

The Mosquito and the Suicide Pill: Juan Jose Saer’s The Sixty-Five Years of Washington

Heat, Pressure, Time: Desire, Narrative, Time

photo by Chris Ware