Praise for Karen Emmerich

Karen Emmerich's poignant, eloquent versions of Sachtouris reveal not only the disturbing intensity of the original but also a remarkable diction and poetic pacing of her own.
—Harold Bloom


On Rien ne va plus: Karen Emmerichís translation is both faithful to the original and eminently readable, and one has come to expect no less of her.
On Landscape with Dog: The economy, precision, and vibrancy of Sotiropoulosí language comes across in Emmerichís translation, testimony to the translatorís sensitive ear.
—Thalia Pandiri, in Metamorphoses


A superb translator.
New York Times


[Karapanou] deftly moves between opposite registers—the slapstick and the tragic live side by side in the same paragraph, and sometimes even the same sentence. This multifaceted tone is masterly conveyed by Karen Emmerichís fluent and vibrant translation, which also enhances the almost electric, centrifugal quality of Karapanouís sentences.
Words Without Borders


Karen Emmerich’s translation was incredibly well done. The Emmerich family is a wee bit talented.

—Chad Post