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“A lucid and mesmerizing masterpiece”: Sunetra Gupta’s So Good in Black

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

At ForeWord Magazine, Monica Carter has written a wonderful review of Sunetra Gupta’s So Good in Black:

Although a decade has passed since Sunetra Gupta’s last novel, this lucid and mesmerizing masterpiece shows she has used every minute of that time wisely. Told in memories and fragments, it chronicles the history of a group of friends and lovers who are brought together when a member of their group, a journalist who has just opened a women’s shelter, is killed.

… Gupta uses a disjointed narrative to mimic the random recall of memory, something she accomplishes with superb skill and manifests through highly stylized, minimalist prose and distilled pieces of dialogue. As pointed as those fragments are, she also manages to employ rich and evocative details to summon the lush sensory atmosphere of Bengal.

Read the rest here!

And also have a look at Jenn Mar’s lengthy review in The Common, “The Devil and His Glass of Milk,” describing So Good in Black as “a novel that is spacious enough to host a lifetime’s worth of impressions.”

In the Washington Times, Claire Hopley says, “Sunetra Gupta writes of ambiguities brilliantly.”

For those of you in the UK, Sunetra will be speaking on October 2 at the Royal Society in London, on “how narratives emerge in science and literature”—learn more here. For those in the US, we expect an appearance next March: stay tuned!

Three Percent reviews Lunar Savings Time, and “Ten Rules for Making New Translators”

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Three Percent has just posted a very nice review of Lunar Savings Time: “Like Borges, Epstein reinvents the truth, the real, and even history, by fictionalizing them (which is not to say that his stories don’t include many real facts).” And in the both the intro and the review, note the lovely, and true, praise for Becka Mara McKay, “one of the friendliest and funniest and most talented of all contemporary translators.” Indeed!

Becka has also just participated in Arabic Literature in English‘s excellent series of “rules for translators,” contributing “Ten Rules for Making New Translators” that focus on how to teach translation. Check out the whole series, which has been a treat to read.